Constitution Petition No.___________2022

(Under article 184 (3) of Constitution of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan 1973 to invoke the constitutional for fundamental rights enforcement for public importance which are being violated in the world.


 Name :- Muhammad Tanveer Chaudhary 

Son of :- Naseer Ahmed, 

Residents of :- House No. 183, Block No. 2  Sector no. B-1 Town ship, Lahore Pakistan

Phone no :- 00923077062356

Company Netcom i.c registered FBR Lahore Pakistan 2010 and IOM United Nations Swansea United Kingdom                                                        



A. Chief executive Officer President etc of United Nations. 

Address: National Information Officer 7th Floor Serena Business Complex Khyaban-e-Suhrawardy G 5-1 Islamabad Pakistan, department of Global Communications United Nations Headquarters New York, NY 10017.

Phone : 0092518354860

B. Chief Executive officer of world's Each country President, Prime Minister or Army Chiefs etc through Prime minister office of Pakistan.

Address: G5-2 Prime Minister Office Constitution Avenue Capital Territory Islamabad Pakistan.

Phone: 009251-9206111, 051-9222666-70

C. Foreign Minister of each country of the world and Ambassador of Each Country of the world.

Address: Ministry of Foreign AffairsForeign Office Building, Constitution Avenue, G-5, Islamabad Pakistan.

Phone: 009251-9210335 ,051-9208792, 051-9208792

D. President of Pakistan

Address: Aiwan-e-Saddar Islamabad Pakistan.

Phone: 00929204801

E. Governor Punjab 

Address: Governor house Lahore The Mall Road Lahore Pakistan.

Phone: 00924299200081 - 87 

F. Chief Minister Punjab Chief minister house Lahore Pakistan.

Address: Provincial Assembly of the Punjab Shahra-e-Quaid-Azam-Lahore Pakistan.

Phone: 00924299200335-46

G. Governor State bank of Pakistan and same Governing bodies of each country of the world through State Bank of Pakistan.

Address: State Bank of Pakistan 

I.I.ChandigarhRoad Karachi Pakistan Phone: U.A.N.: 111-727-111


..... Respondent.

 Respectfully Sheweth:

1. That We have being made a writ petition no. 58971/2020 in Lahore high court form no. HCJD/C-121 Order sheet Mr. Justice Shahid Jamil Khan order to meet Prime Minister of Pakistan in this regard but we are unable to meet Prime Minister of Pakistan because busy schedule we have conversation with prime minister office Islamabad and send writ petition copy to them several times and make many phone calls but last time telephone operator said Prime Minister is unable to meet like this by calling etc we could not find any way to meet Prime Minister of Pakistan we feel they are unable to help and did not write any answer to us and did not try to support he said that United Nations is an anonymous institutions which can't help we all can understand Governments and United Nations seems helpless because of conflicts and Jurisdictions in the world.

2. That the leading facts to file this instant are that Fmcoin ( Free Money Coins $2 = 1 fmcoin 18 digit RFID Microchip face recognizable password account for each person in the world current I'd card and passport system will be replaced with it ) This is pay for services Idea how Governments pay to there employees.

3.That current money system is reason of wars, poverty, and crimes in the world which we can finish by fmcoin 1 currency of the world website by hiring each person in the world in fmcoin hr. department on behalf of world justice departments as public importance and fundamental rights enforcement acts

4.That money regimes of the world don't want a poor to be rich Governments are unable to help because of jurisdiction and conflicts money is in some hands in the World result you can see it will be great chance for us to finish current Injustice  money exchange system from the world to finish wars, poverty and crimes.

5.That Current money exchange system in which Banks trade as a Gold replacement with paper notes which does not make a sense to even a 3 years old kid as well its seems madness of injustice system of money in the world and interest rate is bad thing in which banks trade because its seriously create criminal world forbidden in religions.

6.That open market trade is another thing if you sale something to any person you receive paper notes and manufacture can't get the benefits as investor get it which is reason of corruption and poor getting day by day poor and rich getting day by day rich result you can see wars, crimes, poverty, and million of other issues which new fmcoin currency of the world can solve it is not idea of any kind of crypto currency etc.

7. That how this currency will be generated? We will hire each person in the world in fmcoin currency HR. Department for world justice department pay for services type idea each person in world have to work from a road sweepers to judiciary person and will receive a sms message for work training and education and work task and each person in the world have to work only 4 hrs daily 6 months work only in a year we will educate each person in the world a class education and 50 professions education and training randomly will be provided from fmcoin through process even for prisoners and disabled peoples we are trying to design an online education system with video lectures and syllabus and easy theory and practical online examination system to certify each person in the world for education.

8. That We will create this currency for each person in the world on behalf of justice departments of the world to provide justice to each person in the world as fundamental rights enforcement.

9. That We will claim a money claim of us$ 500 billion in The Court against any person in the world try to eliminate this fmcoin project as reason of mental disease because this is a public importance and fundamental rights enforcement project.

10. That we will conduct debates, seminars by inviting each country of the world ambassadors in Pakistan for explanations on fmcoin currency after website and Database Developments, Media campaigns and registration of fmcoin currency for there country peoples and Foreign office of Pakistan and world each department need to arrange these facilities free of cost for us database costs have to be paid from each country directly to database company till registration of each fmcoin account.

11. That Fmcoin 3 trillion own death, injury, financial damages responsibilities Benefits or if destroyed from the wars, poverty or crimes and natural disasters on fmcoin account opening to the each person in the world once only.

12. That Fmcoin 15000 per month pay for fmcoin job to each person in the world and nobody can sack from the job till death of fmcoin holder it is a job like governments pay for services money system job to each person in the world and they have to work 4 hrs daily 6 months work in a year from a labor to judiciary person training and education  will be provided by the fmcoin department of the peoples of the world.

13. That New immigration fmcoin system no visa required to travel in the world on fmcoin you can travel only on fmcoin account and microchip implant in each person in the world to prevent crimes, kidnapping etc and all the passport and I'd card system Will be finished from the world an identification system cant be lost.

14. That New ehang 184 air taxi system, self drive tractors, and 50% human work will be done by robots.

15. That 16'x18' medical room with daily doctor visit with bath room for each person in the world We recommend Siberia Jungles we will clean it and make cottages  we need to build 8000 new fmcoin cities 2 billion peoples age 18 - 40 old peoples can build the cities with in 5 years and fmcoin will pay all the money as free housing to each person in the world we will provide the designs for free of cost housing and animals free cities as prevention of disease cities will be build in 5 years as per planning of fmcoin cities 50000'x50000' size each city we need 2 million km2  area for 8 billion cottages in Siberia Jungle and 2 million km2 area we will clean jungles in Africa or Amazon jungles for crop field of 1000000000 acres for meat, poultry, and enough food needs for production of world a class food an person can have only 1 fmcoin cottage and owner of any other property in world can’t get any cottage it is for peoples who don’t have ownership of house.

16. That New marriage system on fmcoin where marriage on fmcoin account biometric in 2 minutes and couple have to stay together for 24 months at least before divorce. 

17. That new fmcoin safe cities where nobody kills the innocent babies doctors and nurses will grew up them and family can visit them any time with same Fmcoin facilities.

18 . That Fmcoin cities for disabled persons and prisoners  with same fmcoin facilities.

19. That we will design new judicial system no death penalties, torture, and abuses in that system.

20. That Fraud free account of fmcoin system to find out the corruption, money laundering and money used for terrorism recorded of each transaction with an transaction no. I'd and by recording on database ip address of transactions.

21. That all world paper money will be converted in fmcoin currency with in 6 months after start of fmcoin currency and will be replace by paying same fmcoin currency amount.

22. That Each Person in the world don't have to  pay any money for the fmcoin money project United Nations and Governments of each country of the world departments will pay for website, mobile application, database, registration of fmcoin accounts for peoples of the world, Seminars ,Media Campaign etc

23. That we would like to make bail before the arrest application for the fmcoin currency team and we need Diplomatic passports for our fmcoin team for negotiations with prime ministers and presidents of all world countries we all are not responsible for any kind of death, injury or any kind of mental physical damages for each person in the world.

24. That We Netcom I.c. deserve a fmcoin royalty 1000 from each fmcoin account holder per month in fmcoin management account system automatically.

25. That all the atomic and other weapons will be destroyed from the world and will be destroyed in any other planet Venus etc.

26. That we all will try to make a safer world for our up upcoming generations.

27. That We will pay a lump sum tax from each person fmcoin account in the world infrastructure fmcoin account for world infrastructure and worlds Government money needs of 1 trillion fmcoin on account opening  from each person in the world will be transferred to governments fmcoin account not any other taxes will be applied to any person in the life and on death of a person all the remaining funds will be transferred to fmcoin world infrastructure fund.

28. That all the world property businesses and assets of the world will be property of the courts of justices all the world privatization of the business will be finished which is reason of corruption and conflicts in the world and fmcoin will pay for there all assets for buying for justice departments in accordance with public importance acts.

29. That Free of cost a class food, clothes housing, justice, education, medical system and all basic needs of life to each person in the world to protect fundamental rights of each person in the world.

30. That We will consider this an approval from the world of each court as United nations and other Governments departments of world seems unable to help due to reasons of jurisdictions and conflicts of the world .

31. That There will be ban on paying any kind of money interest % on fmcoin currency and will be deduct from beneficiary account.

32. That There will be ban on use of bad things dangerous drugs heroine, ganaga, alcohol etc and gambling money will be refunded by winner account to loser account on information. 

33. That Fmcoin will pay back each person in the world personal debts from fmcoin infrastructure  world fmcoin account and each world country internal and external all debts fmcoin will pay to finish war, poverty, and the crimes, from the world as acts of public importance and fundamental rights enforcement.

34.That any money for wars will not by provided by fmcoin currency to finish wars from the world.

35.That we request court for personal facilities like 10 bed house, cars, police security, monthly expenses nice office and staff etc in foreign office pakistan.

36.An High Level Court Representative need to be assigned us for correspondence through court with world departments for website and database developments, registrations of accounts, media campaigns, seminars arrangements with foreign office Pakistan and any Government or private office in the world for fmcoin currency implementations and for personal government facilities like house, monthly expenses, police security, office staff etc.  


35. That the petitioner has left with no other adequate officious and remedy except to invoke the extraordinary constitutional jurisdictions of the Hon’able Court. 

Petitioner Signature:_________________   


In view of abovementioned facts and circumstances it is most humbly prayed on behalf of each person in the world that the petition in hand may kindly be accepted for the sake of justice, equity, fair play, public importance, and fundamental rights enforcement. 

Any other relief which this hon'ble court may deems fit and proper may also be awarded. 

 Petitioner Signature:_________________   


This is to certified that this is 1st constitutional petition to the Hon'able Supreme court of Pakistan and 2nd on the matter in the courts of Pakistan and world as rules of Supreme court of Pakistan 1980 a case need to be explain by myself Muhammad Tanveer Chaudhary to hon'ableJudge without counsel because i am unable to pay fees for solicitors and can better answer on case.

 Please read for further Details of project on website.

 National identification card no. 35202-65-270-7

 Petitioner Signature:_________________   

 Fmcoin project design as shown below 

This is pay for services work we will obtained from each person in the world from a labor to judge where this money will be generated to finish wars poverty and crimes from the world. 
Registration form data base need for 15 billion accounts life time data storage need.
Initially we need to give 15 gb data storage tiĺl we have fmcoin database centers safe where we need to store same data on three different  data storage centers because if one place data is damage another data center it is saved.


Fmcoin account registration form.






BIOMATRICS. LEFT HAND LEFT HAND FINGURES RIGHT HAND FINGURESverify account no double account by verifications by biomatrics.

Terms and consditions: TICK BOX

Job Contract.

1. This is a legal contract between you and fmcoin currency in the light of writ petetion no. 58971/20 in the light of high court decisions. 

2. We fmcoin will hire you as pay for services for life from birth day to death date and any person in the world can't sack from fmcoin jobs.

3. We or anybody is unable to supersede this contract legally in any court of the world as protection of fundamental rights of each person in the world.

4. You have responsibilities of you own death. Injury. mental or physical health we will pay fmcoin 3 trillion as responsibilities acts to you once in life as advance money for lose of life  or destroyed from crimes,wars or poverty or disasters etc.

5. That you have to return gambling money if won to loser because it is a bad habbit forbidden in all religions in the world.

6. Ban on fmcoin money if charged any interest percentage will be refund from your fmcoin account.

7. No visa will be required to travel in the world you can travel in the world on fmcoin account no and security check only.

8. You have to take 100 profession study randomly we will train you from a labour to judiciary 2 hrs online daily study and 1 hr daily professional training must be obtained for fmcoin currency.

9. You can get as much marriages you want you can have 3 kids maximum from all marriages before divorce have to stay together for 24 months.

10. Daily doctor or nurse check up must be attend from you.

11. Daily three time World a class 7 star food must be get from fmcoin restaurant this is your responsibility free of cost.

12. Weekly hair and face treatment free of cost.

13. Swiming,gym,and sauana bath classes must be attend once in 15 days free of cost.

14. Must have to do work on site training of 4 hrs 5 days in a week daily and 6 months in a year.

15. Fmcoin can call in emergencies of disasters or if other same professional person id not available.

16. An rfid micro chip implant in hand for you security reasons to prevent kidnapping etc.

17. Must pay an additional fmcoin 1000/month to fmcoin currency an royalty from you.

18. Must have to 100 hrs work for disabled person cities except from work schedule yearly.

19. Kids will grew up in separate fmcoin cities where you have to give them 100 hrs yearly from your time kids have right to work from age 14 till then they are free to study etc and family can visit them any time

20. You dont have to use drugs and alcohol because bad for your health and cigrate is ban danger of life

21. No money will be paid from fmcoin for wars and weapons used to kill humans in the world.

22. Six months holidays in a year you can avail and 6 months work per year 4 hrs daily 5 days a week

3. We hope you also be an owner of fmcoin system to  protect, progress it and make it good for your responsibilities.

24. If you are unable to work you need to get medical treatment for same time in hospitals and will be deduct from holidays.

25.You will have an free of cost housing from fmcoin currency room size 14 by 18 feets.

26. Free of cost all needs of life we are providing to you in shape of monthly wages.

27. You have to make sure you will provide through your fmcoin training and education, justice, medical and technical help to each person in the world.

28. We will pay 1 trillion fmcoin lum sum tax on your behalf to Governments of world infrastructure fund and not any other tax will be applied to you in life on fmcoin account opening to finish current tax system from the world.

29. All the world property assets will be owener ship of world justice departments which each person in the world have equal rights.

30. 1 person in fmcoin cities can have 1 medical cottage only.

31. Please discourage fights ban on each fighting games.

32. You are allow this account checking to each person i the world except money transfer feature to access from each fmcoin account holder for security check and balance purposes.

33. On death of fmcoin holder account will be closed and funds will be transferred to fmcoin government funds.

34. Peoples are not in jail will be allowed for law enforcements.

35. Login from another account holder an statement of ip address and account no and open date will be generate on user interface page. 

Signature of fmcoin founder.

Fmcoin account holder signatures.



Website designer need to design to send below mentioned facilities of fmcoin and send to cell phone and email id password and account no etc

Create 18 digits random fmcoin account ( can be retrive by name address phone no email id to literate peoples or disabled peoples system need to be designed.


Create 4 digits password ( can be retrieve by name address phone no email id.)

Send 1 trillion fmcoin to government account on account opening

Send 3 trillion fmcoin to government account on account opening

Send monthly wages 15000 fmcoin /month till account closed on death and transfer funds to fmcoin infrastructure account.

1000/pm fmcoin royalty to fmcoin account royalty account automatically.

www fmc.fmc

Login                                               fmcoin logo                                                                                           

Acount no. 18 digits (randomaly creat for 15 billion accounts )

Password. 4 digits 
Login button (Retrive password By phone email. Retrieve account no or password button and send to phone no. )

Dash board.                       
User interface page.                                                                               Log out

Show account no.               Account No.                                      show registered photo.         

Fmcoin account World funds account.

News and events ( header menu)










(database need record each ip address of payment transfer with transaction id no.

Transfer funds form.

Beneficiary account no. 18 dig.

Password. 4 digits randomaly

4 digits Payer account no. 18 digits 

Password. 4 digits.


Transfer Money button

Transaction id. no.   amount     account no          Date             Ip address                   Balance

100000000000        1fmcoin       18 digits     22/01/23                     4 trillion fmcoin


Gambling and cyber fraud refunds. 

Police report no.

Transfer funds form.

Beneficiary account no. 18 dig.

Password. 4 digits randomaly

4 digits Payer account no. 18 digits 

Password. 4 digit

Refunds Button

Transactions. send records to database and record ip address 

Database sheet printable and view able and can be login from any fmcoin account holder with ip record.

Education Syllabus  (Database needed.) for 50 professions education will be provided to each fmcoin holder randomly from 10000 professions of the world need programming.

Same 500 questions for each profession Syllabus.

A sweeper education. 
Q. How to clean flooor?

A. Mix washing powder in water and wash it with wiper.

Show process in Video upload.

Lecture Video Upload.

Examination for certification.
A sweeper Exam. 
Q. How to clean floor?

50 answers and questions Exam 

Passing questions 25

Video recording upload of student examination scene. 

Fail on 24 questions.

Certified  as many try of exam till they get trained online exam system and self learning after providing internet and basic language education for 6 months in schools 1 hrs class daily for five days in a week onsite work training will be need for each profession 50 hrs of each course maximum 2 hr daily.

Database sheet printable and view able and can be login from any fmcoin account holder with ip record for education records check.

Database sheet of records.

Transaction id no.  Syllabus                  Exam        Date               Training       Date         

100000000000     50 courses name   Pass Fail  12/01/23       Yes   No   20/01/23

      Upload Video  and written lectures and video of lectures for students study of each professional study like a lanour to judicary

Site supervisor of training insitute of work site need login from fmcoin account to send record  details log in by account and fill training details.

Criminal records. Send details to database and ui page sheet.

Police login: (Fmcoin account on user interface page offence no record from The list)

Arrest made: Yes.  no.

Upload crime scene video. 

Investigation officer login:

Forensic report and comments report obtained: upload video statment of investigation officer written by him maximum 15 minutes video of crime explination for judge decisions on crime.

Upload evidence videos.

Judge login: 

Duty: Read investigation reports and video check not enforced and false statement is being made make an recording of judgment after discusions  and no death penality, torture, abuse etc on criminals on life in imprisionment order a list of crime punish ment no. will be issued here.

Judgment order and punnishment no report and video of judge upload: no death penalty torture or abuse methods to be used

Forgiveness: From the crime victims if they want

Yes or not report upload Forgiveness order.

Upload Video of hearings:

Jailer login: Punishment execution daily report upload and criminal daily activities report upload.

upload video with fmcoin facilities.

Database sheet of records

Transaction id no.  Description                           Offence                            Date

100000000000     Police officer login              Offence record by list     20/01/23

                                                                  Upload Video & written statment   

100000000000     Investigation officer login   Investigation records     20/01/23

                                                                  Upload Video & written statment  

100000000000     Judge login                           Judgment records          20/01/23

                                                                  Upload Video & written statment  

100000000000     Jailer login                             Punishment records          20/01/23

                                                                  Upload Video & written statment                                                               

Medical records. Database need

Doctors login: Upload disease report and video upload of Patient treatments suggestions’ test reports.

Medicines list need for patients daily medical check up by nurse or doctor

Rfid microchip disconnection ip address and address record for gps for crime prevention kidnapping etc.

Database sheet of records

Transaction id no.  Description                      Test       Treatment   Medicine RFID Microchip 

100000000000       Doctor or Nurse login   Upload     Upload   Upload Prescriptions          Record removing address by gps    

                                                                  Upload Video & written statment    


Immigration officer fmcoin ac login:

Date from:

Date to:

Visit from City:

Visit to City:

Travel button

 Transaction id no. Description                              Travel to                  From            

100000000000       Immigration officer login     City (DATE)          City  DATE                               

                                                                  Upload travel video maximum 3 minutes


Groom ac no.


Groom ac no.


Happy marriage button.

Database sheet of records

Transaction id no.  Marriage Records    Date           Kids records               Relative          Friends

100000000000             Upload Video                           a/c no:                         a/c no:              a/c no: 

                                                                  Upload Video of marriage ceremony 

Properties ownerships records.

Transaction id no.  Address              Owner ship verifications                             Date    

100000000000       Upload Video     by departments of gov login only.         

                                                            Upload Video of property.

Employer work search Engine bar linked with all fmcoin account data base attached with education records where they can select worker available for work and educated and train employe send nearest worker by area message for work profession address and time etc.

Employer login Account no.


Work profession list no work need to obtained for:

Search bar by database linked for search near by worker for profession.

sms to emplyoee address time hrs worker needed for etc

and employer need to make phone call.  

Get worker button.

Attaché all attandance filled by employeer for employee records for monthly payment of 15000 fmcoin PAID BY FMCOIN WORK DEPARTMENT 

6 months work 5 days weekly and 4 hrs daily.

Database sheet of records

Transaction id no.   Account details Employer    Working Hrs.     Work done       Date    

100000000000               Login a/c no                     4HRS daily only        Yes. no.

                                                                  Upload work obtained video.

Death records.

Funeral expert login:

Ac no:


Date of buried account no of die person find out by microchip.

send details to data base reports.


submit buttons. 

Transaction id no.  Account details Funnieral   date         Transfer funds to wia

100000000000        a/c Login button                  23/3/2023                ok button

                                                                 Upload face and full body funeral video 

Fast web site opening pages we needed  with work fast database page openings. 
We need worlds fastest satellite phone system and satellites for this project and gps system after start of fmcoin currency when fmcoin will pay all funds.

Robot attached with user interface page of each account to obtain work like  ehang taxi doctor robots labor road cleaner self drive autonomous tractors etc which they can order from there account to work them.

 Building design for 8 billion medical cottages.

Co2 gas need to be extract from the air

Sand basic material from deserts of world and sea etc.

Epoxy for co2 sand structure from Crude oil we can make enough materials of constructions for construction of 8 billion houses in next 4 years after start of fmcoin currency.

 Housing construction: 

Construction design Residential rooms14x18 feets. Room.

4x4 bath almiraha Concrete furniture lcd mattress Small fridge Laptop etc.

Brick size 1feet by 1feet design will provide 

Roof beem 15 feet x 3 inch 3 inch with same co2 sand material

Roof slabs 3 feet by 3 feet.

A house to be ready in 2-4 days by 10 peoples working on it.

Sewerage System:

Brick size 1feet by 1feet design will provide 

Roof beam 15 feet x 3 inch 3 inch with same co2 sand material

Roof slabs 3 feet by 3 feet.

Road design System:

Brick size 1feet by 1feet by 1feet design will provide 

Brick size 1feet by 1feet design will provide  

We need 50000000 tractor

We need 50000000 trolly

We need 50000000 tractor blades for roads path cleaning and creating

We need 50000000 cargo plan

We need 50000000 mold machines for plastic mold needs.

We nèed 2 billion young peoples from school collages and others not in school or collages for this project to build 6 billion houses.1 person have to work 1 week of 1 month for the project for 2 year effort we need from the youngster from around the world to build 6 billion medical cottages in the Australia desert we need 3  million km 2 area and 4 miĺlion km 2 area in jungles for food need free a class food production needs we need to make crops fields.    We need plastic upvc mold for above brick beams and slabs for co2 structure.

Road design we need 1x1x1 feet bricks for 5000 fmcoin cities in Australia. 
We need ehang 2 billion flying air taxis for world local travel needs. 

Each typical block of houses 5000'x150 on 50000x50000 cities will have an 25'x100' size building  for court .police station . Hospital. Restaurant . shops . Garden. Swimming pool sauna bath and gym. Beauty saloons m religious place fmcoin school
With 30' road and an 75 feet ehang taxi parking 
Front dividing  road 50 feets
With solar system electricity own sand filtering water pump own satellite tv and internet phone system with cctv system 

Motor way 6 row 1 side 12 both side outside of each city. 
All world cars materials will be used for development of  ehang taxi.

Industrial and commercial area of 1000 feet by 50000 50000feetx50000feet area mills and factories. Airport and trucks stand.jail.grave yards. Show rooms markets play grounds gardens research center fmcoin garbage centre. etc Same fmcoin co2 sand design.
Gated entry system in fmcoin main entrance with police security.
Fmcoin will provide all fund upon registration of each person in the world with fmcoin currency. 
We will make an website for frmcoin and start educating peoples and paying money

8 billion Medical cottages design for separate for each person in the world with ownership as plan shown below.



fmcoin houses front elevations
FMCOIN Medical cottage plan
co2 sand structure sand blocks design for costruction 
roads construction co2 sand structure design for fmcoin cities
fmcoin house roof and drain system design
court order to contact goverment of pakistan

Supreme Court-Principal Registry

to: Creative Connect <>

date: Mar 13, 2022, 4:58 PM

subject: Automatic reply: Principal Registry mailed-by: 

signed-by: security: Standard encryption (TLS)

Thank you for your email to the Principal Registry at the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

Your email will be reviewed and actioned by a member of our team as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you may be assisted by the information and resources which are available on the Supreme Court of Victoria website

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